Intentional Living

Have you ever been on a diet and actually lost weight? You probably stuck to your “plan” and the weight slowly, but surely started to come off. Your plan could have been to eliminate certain foods, like flour and sugar. Or you might have tracked everything you ate. You stayed within a certain calorie range or macros and enjoyed a treat here and there. The point is you were very intentional with a plan to lose weight.

We all understand the benefits of living of healthier lifestyle. You feel better, you look better, and you have a better quality of life. Why don’t we put the same effort into our happiness as we do our physical appearance? Is it because it is harder to measure? Or, it seems like it doesn’t really matter?

I am telling you that putting effort into your happiness does matter. When you let go of the notion that only others can make you happy, you are starting down a road where you can be happy no matter what your situation is. 

I often struggle with this concept. Far too often I fall into the trap that others are responsible for my happiness. The problem is when I give that power over to someone else I can never really be happy because it all depends upon other people. 

I am challenging myself, and you are welcome to tag along, to create a plan for my own happiness. It isn’t something that really can be measured, but more a lifelong journey. I didn’t want to create a dream board or something else to help inspire me to be happy, but I want to choose everyday something I can do to be a better person. 

I have a journal that I’ve listed out things I want to accomplish that day. Not a normal to do list, but a mental to do list. Some of the items of the day might be: don’t complain, smile at everyone in the store, be extra sensitive to one of my kids who might be going through something. I only list out a few items so that I don’t feel overwhelmed. One of the items on my list today was to be kind to everyone I talk to.

Then I check in with myself at night. How did I do? What could I have done better and what worked? Just like anyone who has stuck to their plan of their diet and lost weight, I want to create the same idea with intentionally choosing to be happy and this is one of the many ways of my plan that I hope will get me where I want to be. 

There are going to be bad days; days where I don’t care and I want to be grumpy or angry. That’s ok, I’ll just start over the next day. And just like a new way of eating becomes easier and easier the longer you do it, I am very hopeful that with intentionally living everyday that it too will become easier and help me on my goal of becoming the person I want to be. 

Megan ThomasComment