I'm Awesome

I have been journaling my intention everyday for almost a month now and it has been amazing! It’s funny I’ve tried many times through out my life to journal and it always becomes tedious and boring and I don’t last very long. My entries sounded something like this: Today was good, I got up and worked out. When I got home I got ready and fed the kids breakfast and we did school. They were pretty good. After school I ran this kid somewhere and that kid somewhere and then we ate dinner when Johnny got home. It was a pretty good day. Boring!! You can see why I never lasted very long.

What I’m doing now is writing an intent for every day. I’ll think about what I have going on that day or something I’ve been struggling with and make that my intent. For example on November 8th my baby was seven months old. I wrote about how depressed I was the whole pregnancy and now I can’t imagine life without my cute little fatty. So in honor of baby George I played the glad game, from the book Pollyanna, and turned every seemingly bad situation into something good. Then I check in again at night. I wrote how even when somethings didn’t work out like I wanted them to, I was still able to find something to be glad about.

Sometimes I’ll write an intent for the day and I don’t quite do it. When I check in at night I write about what I  could have done different and move on.

I had an intent last week that I think everyone should try. I wrote about how I can often forget that I’m amazing. I’m always trying to be better and sometimes forget that I already kick butt. So I wrote down 25 reasons why I am awesome. I’m going to share those with you, not to toot my own horn, but to give you ideas of things you could write down too.

  1. I’m organized
  2. I’m a hard worker
  3. I’m fun
  4. I love adventure
  5. I do hard things: Ironman, marathons
  6. I’m an amazing wife
  7. I’m a great mom
  8. I’m a great cook
  9. I’m not afraid to talk to people
  10. I’m a survivor
  11. I have a lot of drive
  12. I’m intelligent
  13. I love to learn
  14. I’m strong
  15. I’m healthy
  16. I’m beautiful
  17. I’m passionate
  18. I love to dance
  19. I’m great at planning
  20. I’m a great teacher
  21. I can make hard things fun
  22. I have fantastic hair
  23. I love to play the piano and ukulele
  24. I have a strong testimony
  25. I dream big

This is also something fun for your kids to do, especially if they're forgetting how awesome they are.