Mental and Emotional Hygiene

Back in the middle ages people were gross. I just read through 30 hygiene practices; some of them were washing their face with urine, using mouse fur to make their eyebrows more fashionable, and dumping their chamber pot contents into a hole into the back yard. 

There were several other practices that they had that we find almost comical now. Such as having a surgeon use dirty instruments or a dentist just yank a tooth if it hurt you. I’m very grateful to still have my teeth and sterile instruments at the Dr.’s office.

Anyway, people started to figure out hygiene and medicine and their lives got better. We now have indoor plumbing, thank goodness, and even if we feel like our house is messy, I’m guessing that it’s not infested with rats and lice.

I see another evolution of hygiene happening and it’s our mental and emotional hygiene. It may be the circles I hang out in, but people are evolving, in a good way, and are becoming more aware of their own mental and emotional health. 

My son asked me the other day what mental and emotional hygiene is. I told him that it was taking responsibility for how you feel and what you think. Once you realize that no one can make you think or feel a certain way you start to feel very empowered. Well, at first I felt sick because I realized that every time I was mad, irritated, or sad it was because of me. However, the liberating thing is that your happiness doesn’t depend on other people. You can always feel joy, happiness, and peace no matter what is going on around you.

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Megan ThomasComment