Yo-Yo Dieting and Brushing Your Teeth

My husband and I were talking the other night about yo-yo dieting. We were wondering why so many people do it? Both of us have been guilty of losing weight and then gaining some of it back, but why?

Our conversation continued into questioning the mindset of dieting for a specific amount of time, losing weight and then go back to old, bad habits and gain it all back and sometimes even more. Why not just keep the good habits you had? Why do we think when we’ve hit a certain weight or size that now we can live it up and eat however we want?

It made me think of brushing my teeth. I do it everyday. I don’t even mind, quite the opposite, I love the feeling of clean teeth. I take great care of my teeth and I would assume that most other people do too. Except for some of my children, whose teeth I still inspect daily, but most people don’t want cavities or a toothache and we know what to do to keep our teeth feeling great and healthy. 

What about taking the same mindset of our teeth and applying it to how we eat? What about taking as good of care of our body as we do our teeth? This simple little thought change is helping me to look at food in a different way. A way to take care of my body with good food, instead of just shoving any food down the old gullet.

Megan ThomasComment