I'm So Overwhelmed

I am completely overwhelmed. 

I have procrastinated Christmas and now I’m scrambling to get everything done. I had all these amazing expectations of Christmas, but I’m failing to meet my own made up expectations. I figured I would get everything done early in the month and it would leave me ample time to serve and play the rest of the holiday season.

But that’s not what I did. I waited, for who knows what, to get anything done. And instead of spending these days serving and playing I’m rushing the kids through school then hurrying to a store or spending time just worrying that I’m so overwhelmed.

Some of thoughts have been: I have too much to do. It’s hard to do all the things I want to with a baby. I’m spending too much money. I am going to ruin Christmas.

Blah! None of these thoughts are serving me very well; they are actually making me feel worse. After I go through my list of how I’m sucking this season I then move into the thought, “You know you are making yourself crazy and you’re choosing to feel overwhelmed.” How can I want to punch someone in the face when that person is me? 

I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling these thoughts. So today, my intention is to dominate my day and change my thoughts. Some of my thoughts I’m trying out are: I have enough time to get the things done that are absolutely necessary. My husband and kids are great with helping with the baby and I can get stuff done during a time when they can play with him. Slow down and just enjoy the day. Everything will work out, it always does. 

Also, when I change my thoughts I am able to appreciate the things that I have been able to do and the things that I've gotten done. I have been able to go out with my husband. I purchased as much as I could off of Amazon and saved myself a bunch of time. I got to go to the movies with my family. 

All those thoughts bring me some much needed peace. I don’t have to feel overwhelmed, that doesn’t serve me. Even if I change my thought to, "I have a lot to do, but I know I will figure it out.” It’s a much more useful and calming thought and gives me the confidence to move forward and get the things done that I would like to.

**Funny side note about this picture. I wanted to ride my bike (it's on a trainer), but my baby wanted no one but me. So, I strapped him to me and got my bike ride in. Luckily, I took him off at the end so I could sprint for a couple of minutes. It was a new trainer and apparently I hadn't hooked the bike in properly and completely fell over with the bike because my feet were strapped in. My family just heard a scream and possibly some choice words as I came crashing down. Good times.

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