My sweet, fat baby has not had a lot of desire to move. He has taken his sweet time to pretty much do anything. He took a long time to roll over, a long time to become an independent sitter, and even a longer time to try to start crawling. Usually when a baby starts crawling they really take off and start exploring their new world. Not my guy. He only uses his crawling to get to me if I ever have the audacity to move a few feet away from him.

However, every time he does try to crawl we all cheer for him, even if he only moves a few paces. We are so excited when he tries to crawl and when it gets too hard and he just can’t get his big body any further we are understanding that he is just trying to figure it out.

I love how babies are not afraid to fail. If they fall down when trying to crawl or walk they don’t give up and think that they’ll never be able to crawl or walk. They keep trying it until they’ve mastered it.

We can apply this same idea to our own lives. If we want to master something we need to have patience with ourselves and every time we fall down, take it as an opportunity to learn and grow. We didn’t fail, we just learned one of the ways that didn't work.  

And although my baby has not had much desire to learn to get around he is already becoming a very good driver. :)

Megan ThomasComment