Another Disappointing Christmas

I am sure that I am not the only one who has ever been disappointed on Christmas. Not just Christmas, but my birthday, Mother’s Day, and even my anniversary. I have created great ideas for other people to do for me and when the big day rolls around I’m incredibly disappointed because no one read my mind and my picture perfect event didn’t happen.

Did you catch that? We’re mostly disappointed because of two reasons:

  1. We want others to read our mind and get us what we’re hinting about.
  2. We have such high expectations that no one can possibly do it right.

I’m sure that others out there have hinted at things that they wanted and then are upset when those things don’t show up. You know how you get what you want? You tell your spouse, mom, kids, or whomever EXACTLY what you want. On our 15th wedding anniversary I kept thinking that we’d go on a trip to celebrate, however I never told my husband. I was disappointed that he didn’t read my mind. He then later told me that had I just told him I wanted to go, we could have gone. You better believe I have let him know way ahead of time that I would like to go on a vacation with him for our 20th.

The second way to be disappointed is to have super high expectations. If you’re hoping to get certain reactions from others when they open your presents, prepare to be disappointed. If you’re hoping that Christmas Day (or any special event) will go exactly as planned, once again you’re going to be disappointed. If you can relax and have low expectations, you’re going to have a fantastic day. Have you noticed that when people have high expectations others don’t like to get them a gift because they won’t be grateful for it anyway?

Just a recap, if you want to have a crappy Christmas make sure that you hinted at what you wanted instead of just asking for it and have unrealistic expectations of how the day should go. Or, if you want to have a great Christmas day, have low expectations, be grateful for whatever people are kind enough to give to you, and just relax and enjoy the time with those you love.

Megan ThomasComment