Negative Emotions

I highly doubt that I'm the only one, but I struggle with negative emotion. Not the way that you might be thinking; I don't struggle with having a lot of negative emotions in my day. What I struggle with is when I do have a negative emotion, what do I do with it?

What I've done in the past is not dealt with it. I have a situation arise where I feel scared, overwhelmed, frustrated, disappointed or any other negative emotion and I don't want to feel it, so I just kind of go numb. I don't feel those negative emotions, but I also don't feel happy.

It doesn't work well. I usually end up super annoyed and getting mad at those closest to me.

I'm trying to change this.

I'm trying to feel the negative emotion so I can then process it, understand why I have it, and what I can do to fix the situation. 

Fortunately life gives me plenty of opportunities to practice. 

I heard someone, who was talking about sports, say that if they lose they give themselves 24 hours to feel bad and then they move on. 

I want to take the same idea with negative emotions. If something happens, allow myself to really feel the negative emotion for 24 hours and then put on my big girl panties, figure it out and move on. If something big happens, like death, a serious accident, or something bigger than someone was rude, you probably need more time to process the emotion.

So the next time you get a speeding ticket, your kid does something dumb, something in your house breaks, or someone was rude/disappointing, give yourself 24 hours to process the negative emotion, put on your big girl panties, and move on.

In the future I want to be able to process it quicker, but I'm not quite there, yet. My husband is really good at processing emotions quickly. On Sunday I hit his new car into a curb and broke a piece off. He was frustrated for about five minutes. He amazes me.

The picture I'm including is one of my sources for negative emotions. After my husband's dogs died this year he talked me into getting another one. It has been confirmed to me that I am not a dog person.

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