Being Authentic

I am completely guilty of operating in extremes, I'm all in, or nothing at all. I'm slowly, but surely learning there is always something in the middle. I was thinking about this extreme mentality with social media. It seems that we either show our absolute best or air our dirty laundry.

Is there a middle ground? A place to be authentic and real without unloading your emotional baggage or pretending like your life is perfect?

I recently heard some heartbreaking news. I was completely blindsided by someone's actions and that their relationship was in such turmoil. On social media they made their life look so amazing.

After hearing about that I want to make sure that I am authentic. I do have a great life, but it is far from perfect. I do have "perfect" days, but most are just ordinary and sometimes I have days where my baby screams all day and I want to pull my hair out.

There is such a beauty in being authentic and I'm going to try to do my best to do just that.

Megan ThomasComment