The Joy of Having a Big Family

I was talking to someone the other day and I made a joke about food. He laughed, because I’m hilarious, and said that he would eat anything. He was kid number seven out of 10. It made me think. You really can’t be a picky eater when you have a big family, you are just happy there is food, even if it isn’t your favorite. Then I went on to think of all the benefits that just naturally come when you have a big family.

There are lessons you can try to teach your kids, but if you want it to sink in they have to experience it or practice it. I don’t read enough in support of big families, so I thought I would make my own list of top reasons why I like having a big family. 

Before anyone thinks that I’m saying that you can’t have great kids if you have a small family, I’m not. Also, you may know someone with a big family that you feel like their kids are feral beasts, I get it. Not all big families are perfect and sometimes it feels like herding cats. This is just meant to be a fun post because I rarely see anything in support of big families and I absolutely love mine.

Kids in a big family learn to share. They do. They have to share everything, rooms, clothes, toys, bikes, and I learned the other day that they even sometimes share undies. Super gross, I told them we always have enough money to buy everyone their own underwear. 

You can’t be a picky eater. Well, you can, but when you get hungry enough, you’ll eat. There is no way that mom is going to make nine different meals. She makes one, or better yet, one of the kids makes a meal, and everyone eats it.  We have a rule in our house that you can’t have seconds until you’ve eaten your veggies. My kids will stuff lettuce down their gullet so that can get extra servings. Before you think my kids will eat any veggies, know that I have options for dinner. We always have salad as a back up option if you don’t want the other veggies. My kids still have preferences, but overall I think they’re not very picky. 

Built in housekeepers. OK, so kind of sub par housekeepers, but housekeepers nonetheless. On Monday we deep clean the house. They dust blinds, lights, pictures, and baseboards, sweep, mop, vacuum, scrub the bathrooms, and deep clean their rooms. They do a pretty good job. It definitely isn’t always mom approved, but they do a great job at mostly keeping the house tidy. I have secretly hired a housekeeper a few times, but mostly it is just them cleaning. 

Always someone to play with. When a kid says, “I’m bored,” well, you’re in luck because I made a bunch of friends for you to play with, pick one. I love having built in friends.

Spend more time and less money for activities. I love the different activities you do when you have a big family. It’s so expensive to go somewhere that it forces you to get creative. Even when we go on vacations we don’t do a lot of activities that cost money. We get to spend time with each other hiking, camping, or playing in a lake. I love actually being with my kids and talking to them instead of waiting in lines to go on a ride in the hot sun or not talk to them at all at the movies. 

And the best reason to have a big family: you get to drive a sweet, big car. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to drive my wicked awesome 15 passenger van? Whenever I have a new kid in the car they love riding around in the sweetest ride ever! And because I can’t park the big gal we get so much more exercise in when we have to park at the end of the parking lot.

The real best reason I love having a big family is that at the end of the day, family is all the matters. When I’m old and grey I know I will never regret how many kids I had or the memories I had with them.

Megan ThomasComment