Being Fat Sucks

For a while now it seems to me that there has been a big (no pun intended) push to stop body shaming. I get that. I absolutely agree that we should be kind and love others. Here is the part that they are missing though, being fat sucks,

I am not promoting any type of diet or exercise program. This doesn’t even have anything to do with vanity and suggesting that you should be a certain size. This has everything to do with quality of life.

I’ve had seven babies. As you can imagine my body has been through a lot. I don’t mean to gain a bazillion pounds when I get pregnant, but I do, almost every time. With a few of my babies I gained a whopping 70lbs. My last baby I gained around 40-50lbs. I don’t know exactly where I ended because I refused to look at the scale towards the end.

After I have my babies I slowly start losing the weight and then get a lot of it off once I’m done nursing. However, this time was completely different. I stepped on the scale when my baby was three weeks old. The number wasn’t horrible. It was a fairly standard weight for me after having a baby. Here is the crappy part. If you’ve read my other posts you know that I got baby blues and was doing everything in my power to get my baby to nurse. One of the ways I tried to get him to nurse was to build up my milk supply, and I figured a good way to do that was to eat, a lot. 

That probably sounds like a good plan, but I used it as an excuse to consume anything and everything I wanted to eat. After three weeks of eating like a pig I stepped on the scale and had gained a whopping 10lbs!! I was the heaviest I had ever been, not pregnant, in my whole life. 

Here is where people can argue all day long that I need to accept my new, bigger body. OK, I actually could do that. But here is the part that I couldn’t accept. I couldn’t play with my kids. I couldn’t even get up out of a chair without some major grunting and huffing and puffing. I took my kids hiking and it broke me. My two oldest boys had to pretty much hold my hand the whole way up and down. That was the day that I committed to change.

A lot of time when we gain weight it happens so slowly that we don’t realize how much is changing, but when you gain all that weight within a short amount of time, like being pregnant, you remember how good you used to feel and now how crappy you feel.

It seems to me, that with weight, there are two extremes: 1st-be super thin, work out non-stop, never enjoy food. Or, 2nd-eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. May I offer a 3rd thought? Somewhere in the middle. Eat to be healthy, exercise to be healthy, stay fit for a better quality of life. 

Often times I have been teased for trying to make healthy food choices and saying no to sweets; they suggest that I’m not enjoying life. I promise you that I am taking full advantage of living and enjoying life. The more fit I become the more and more I enjoy life. Not because I’m wearing a smaller pant size, but because I have energy to play with my kids. Not just watch my kids play. I sleep great at night. I can run and explore nature. I also don’t have major health ailments. I know that not all health ailments are brought on by diet and being active, but some of them are. 

If you are tired of not living your full potential and having a better quality of life, I challenge you to make a change TODAY! There are so many different ways to eat healthy, find out which one works for you. Also, start moving. Pick an exercise that you enjoy. I’m crazy and absolutely love running. It clears my head and helps me to think. I also enjoy Cross Fit. My husband is a die-hard Cross Fitter and hiker. Find what you love.

To keep going, find your why. It needs to be more than I want to be confident or be happy because being a smaller size won’t make you confident or happy. Dig deep and find out your real why. Mine is my family. I want to be an active part of their life and not just a bystander. I've still got a ways to go, but I'm making progress every day.

Remember to never trade what you want most for what you want right now, Zig Ziglar.

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