My Husband Is A Mess

My husband lives in clutter. He loves to hold on to things because you never know when you might need them.  When we were first married this drove me absolutely crazy. There was more than one disagreement about his messes. 

I decided one day that I wasn’t going to let his clutter bother me any more. My relationship with him was more important than any stuff. So, I quit pointing it out. When he left stuff around the house I would just put it on his side of the room and not complain about it. Honestly, I thought I was handling it really well. I allowed him to function in his clutter and I stopped nagging him about it.

Then one day it happened. I was feeling annoyed with the general messiness of his side of the room. Do you like that we have sides of our room? It’s like we’re siblings and I have my pretend tape so his messiness cannot encroach upon my side. Anyway, I was looking at his messy night stand, feeling annoyed, when I turned my head ever so to the left and happened to look at my night stand. 

My night stand was a mess! 

I had been so busy pointing out his mess that I had completely overlooked the fact that my side of the room was a mess too.

It is so easy to find faults in others, but completely look past our own.

This rocked my world. The whole time I had been so focused on my husband’s literal mess that I was unaware that I was a mess too. 

Next time we want to point out something negative in someone else, stop and clean up your own mess. Worry about how you can be better, instead of telling others how you think they could be better.

I took these pictures without staging anything, other than taking my husband's undies off of his night stand. Unfortunately, my side was way messier than his. 

Megan ThomasComment