Fiery Serpents

Let’s talk about Moses, the prophet who parted the Red Sea and saved the Israelites from Egypt. That Moses. 

After Moses helped all the Israelites escape Egypt he is stuck with them wandering through the desert for 40 years. At one point the Israelites started complaining against against God. They complained that they had no bread and no water. I'm sure they complained about a lot more, but that is all it said in the Bible.

So what happens next? The Lord sent fiery serpents to the people, the snakes bite many people, and a lot of them died.

I’m sure at this point everyone is freaking out. What is going on? Why are these stinking snakes attacking us? They then go to Moses and confess their sins and beg for him to make the snakes go away. Moses prays, the Lord tells him to make a fiery serpent and put it on a pole, and all the people have to do is look at the fiery serpent and they will live.

Doesn’t that sound too simple? You may be dying from a terrible snake bite, but if you could just kindly tilt your head a little so you could look at this fiery serpent that is stuck on a pole, you’ll totally live. I was trying to find more information about if everyone looked at Moses’s serpent or not; I wonder if some people thought that was too easy, so because of their pride they refused to look at it and died. All I do know was that those who did look at it lived.

I teach people to change their thoughts so they can have peace in their life.

It sounds too easy. 

Remember, that all the Israelites had to do was look at a fiery serpent and they were healed. If you truly want to have peace in your life, look up at your own fiery serpent and work on changing your thoughts, then you too can be healed.

Megan ThomasComment