Being Human

I have really been working on me lately. I have intentions everyday of how I’m going to be a better person, I’m trying to be more engaged with my family, and be kinder to all those I interact with. There has been a lot of improvement, but the problem is, I’m still human.

I still make many mistakes. 

The other day was a perfect example. I had asked someone to not do something in my home. They did it anyway, not just once, but several times. I was livid. I acted like a big baby because I was so angry. 

Someone behaved badly so I felt justified in behaving badly too. The problem is when you respond negatively to someone, it takes the responsibility of the bad action off of them and now puts it on to you. Blah! Learning all about emotional health is liberating, but the other day it was just frustrating. I knew that I shouldn’t have reacted, but I did.

Like I said, I’m human. I will continue to make mistakes, and that's ok. It's ok that I stumble as I try to master a new skill. Just like learning to ride a bike, you keep getting back up every time you fall over and before you know it you are riding your bike like a pro. I will still do my best to learn from my mistakes. Everyday I keep practicing all the skills that I’m learning in hopes that the times I overreact or become negative become fewer and fewer.

Megan Thomas2 Comments