Writing It Down

I’m sure my darlings are not the only ones who sometimes come to mom with a problem that they just can’t seem to fix. Sometimes, it almost seems comical because the solution often seems so obvious.

I’ve even experienced this with other adults. I was coaching a client and she was struggling with her relationship with her children. She felt so stuck and had no idea how to make it better. As an outsider, I can see the situation without bias and help her to understand what she could do to make it better.

Yes, it would be nice to have someone help you every time you get stuck, but it isn’t always feasible.

So what do you do?

You write it down.

It’s funny how the simplest answers are often the ones that work. When we write down our thoughts and feelings we can look at it from another perspective and without our mind jumping from one problem to another. It also is a good way to understand the problem and therefore help you find the solution.

On our fridge we have an airing of grievances list because we’re classy like that. Any kid can write on that list during the week and it will be discussed during family meeting. The first few weeks that we had the list, there were many grievances listed, but what started happening is they figured out that they weren’t as big of a problem as they thought it was. So one thing you could do during your journaling time is write out some things you are struggling with and then revisit them at a later time. More often it was just nice to get it off your chest.

I like to also try out different thoughts when I’m struggling with something. I can write down my new thought, try it out for a while and then check to see the progress I’m making.

Usually when people start taking control of their health they start to track their food, their weight, and possibly their exercise. The same goes with people who are getting ahead in their finances. They track their spending, their earnings, and set goals for things they want to do. Our mental and emotional health is no different. There is a power in writing things down and it is a great way to start to see growth in your mental and emotional health.

And as always, your kids will more often follow your example instead of what you tell them to do, so it’s a great way to teach them some more skills to master their emotions.

Megan ThomasComment