Making Progress

I have been going to Cross Fit for the last 6 1/2 years. During that time I have averaged going 3-5 times per week. When people find out that I've been going for a long time they want to see my impressive muscles or assume that I must be really strong.

Spoiler, I don't have impressive muscles and I'm not that strong.

I am not one of the amazing super stars and a lot of times I finish dead last in a work out, but I keep going because even though my progress is slower than others I'm still always improving. I can now do a kipping pull-up, I know how to do a lot of the olympic lifts, I even did a work out the other day using a 53 lb. kettlebell. Wahoo, way to go me!

Anyways, when you start making changes in your emotional and mental health a lot of times it seems that your improvement is so slow. Why can some people hear of the concept of managing their thoughts and just get it, while it takes someone else much longer to figure it out?

You may see someone who has just learned of this concept and they have already found peace in their life. While you're sitting at home trying to not go postal because some how your kids found the hidden Play-Doh and have impressively smashed it into the carpet. 

But it's ok. As long as you're progressing and moving forward, who cares if it's on a slower time line than someone else? It's not a race to see who can find the most peace in their life first, but a lifelong journey of finding peace and then helping others do the same.

I'm lucky enough to work out with two of my sisters. This picture was from a magical moment when all three of us ended up coming at the same time. We mostly giggle together instead of working out. :)

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