Watch Me Weekly-Mother's Day

I have often thought that I'm the funniest person that I know. It's great because I amuse myself often. When I was thinking about what to do for Watch Me Weekly I knew I wanted to do a Mother's Day post, but then I started to get silly and thought I would give you tips on how to have a terrible Mother's Day.

I know for myself and other mothers I've spoken to that they don't like Mother's Day. They put up so many expectations that of course the day is doomed to fail. I completely understand, it's not like you just picked your kid up at the store and brought them home. No, you had to grow them right inside your belly and eventually push them out. Even though it is a completely beautiful experience it's no easy task. 

And for mamas who have adopted. I cannot imagine the heartache you experienced while you had to wait to get your sweet baby in your arms, not knowing when or if it would happen.

So yes, moms I love that there is a day to celebrate you. You worked hard for the title of mom, so why not hope for this beautiful day where everyone honors you? The problem is that our expectations become so high or unrealistic that no one could possibly ever fulfill them. Or, we're not clear about what we would even want for the day.

In the video I give tips on how to have a terrible Mother's Day, but if you want to have a great day here are some real tips:

1. Let go of your expectations. Enjoy whatever happens that day, even if you are washing the dishes and your husband goes and takes a nap. You can still be happy.

2. Be clear about what you want. If you want a certain gift, tell your husband or your children. No one can read minds, so be clear, but to remember that no matter what they get for you to be grateful.  I did this for Christmas, I was very clear what my kids could get for me, but instead they went in on some very beautiful jewelry with my husband. It wasn't what I asked for, but it was way better.

If you're still determined to have a terrible day watch the video for some awful tips. 

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