To My Favorite Human

I’m not an eloquent lady. I would love to be, but I think made up words are funny and as my husband likes to remind me, “I grew up by the tracks." I married a linguist who is incredibly eloquent. Not only is he eloquent in English, but also in all the other languages he speaks too. When he writes me cards or a little note they are so beautiful; he has quite the ability to be able to express how he feels in a very lovely way.

Whenever I try to write something deep or very meaningful it just comes out all wrong. I’m much better at being sarcastic than being sweet. So, please bear with me as I do my best to express how I feel.

I used to completely loathe Father’s Day. I thought it was the dumbest and worst day of the year. My own dad left when I was young. He would move in and out of the house until my parents’ divorce was final. He tried a little bit to see my siblings and me after the divorce, but soon he was completely out of our lives. As a kid it broke me. I felt that if my own dad didn’t want me, how could anybody else?

So every year when Father’s Day would roll around it was just another painful reminder that my dad wasn’t part of my life.

Years later when my own husband became a father I was very torn over Father’s Day. I wanted to celebrate my husband, but I still felt very bad for myself. The day would usually be an emotional one and end with me in tears.

Fast forward to now. My own father still is not a part of my life. I haven’t really spoken to him in years, other than a courteous hello if I happen to run into him. However, I can now honestly say that I truly am excited for Father’s Day to celebrate my amazing husband and what a great guy he is. 

What changed?


I don’t have some beautiful story where my dad came to me and said sorry, or that he wants to reconnect and get to know my kids or me. He actually only lives a few miles away from me and we have no contact with one another. What changed was that I realized that I don’t need someone to say sorry or beg for forgiveness in order to feel happy or at peace.

Would it be nice to have a dad in my life? Absolutely! But I don’t have one, so I can choose to continue to feel sorry for myself or choose to celebrate all the other amazing men in my life. 

Today I choose to celebrate my favorite human, my husband. I adore him. He is the greatest blessing in my life. Is our marriage perfect? Nope! Perfection doesn’t exist, but when I focus on all his amazing traits it helps make our marriage amazing. 

Because he doesn’t like gifts, and he’s incredibly difficult to shop for anyway, my gift to him is to let him know the top ten ways that I adore him.

  1. He is incredibly intelligent
  2. He is super sexy
  3. He is a family man
  4. He loves to woo me
  5. He is fun
  6. He is a great dad to our seven monkeys
  7. He is an excellent provider
  8. He is truly happy
  9. He loves to help others
  10. He loves to laugh

Mr. Thomas, I love you, happy Father's Day.

Megan Thomas2 Comments