Dream Big in 2019

Recently I read the book, Smarter Faster Better by Charless Duhigg. I enjoyed the book, but one part that I especially liked was his chapter on goals. I like setting goals, and I’ve read about SMART goals, but SMART goals don’t allow you the opportunity to set big goals.

In case you are not familiar with SMART goals, I will quickly explain. SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timeline. (I have seen the acronym used in other places with varying words, but they all mean the same thing.) Basically, define the goal as much as possible, be able to track the goal, how are you going to achieve the goal, can you do the steps necessary to hit your goal, and when will you be able to complete the goal.

In the book it talked about a bunch of workers who were using SMART goals, and completing them, but they weren’t really progressing. They were making really simple goals, so that they could always accomplish them. Then they were challenged to make big goals or a goal that would stretch them and use SMART goals to achieve them. This way they could dream big, but still have a clear plan of how to actually achieve it.

Let’s say that you want to run a marathon, but you don’t even own running shoes, and you’ve never ran more than a mile. You create smaller SMART goals to help you achieve your big goal. For example, your first SMART goal could be that you want to be able to run five miles.

Specific-run five miles

Measure- you can track how many miles your run

Achievable- run one mile three times a week, then slowly increase distance

Realistic- get up earlier to go running

Timeline- within three months, run five miles

Once you’ve completed that SMART goal, create a new one to get you closer to your stretch goal.

I love to dream big, and this is something for me that made a lot of sense. I also like to use FEMPSS to set my goals, so that I can live a balanced life. So, I have combined the two things and made an awesome FREE printable you can download to make 2019 your best year yet.

It’s easier to remember to stay on track when your goals are out and in your face, so on the first page it has all the FEMPSS listed out. You can write your stretch goal on top and then put your current SMART goal underneath. When you complete them, just print another page with your new SMART goals. Also, there is a page for each FEMPSS, so you can write out all your SMART goals to hit your stretch goal.

I am loving this! I use it for myself, I’m giving one to all my kids, and then we’re doing it as a family too. We talked about it in our last Family Meeting and we’re giving the kids a week to think about what their goals our before we decide on our goals.

You can download your FREE FEMPSS here:

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