Book Review: Ender's Game

A lot of people kept recommending Ender's Game for my son to read, so my husband surprised him and bought him the book. I should have read it first to make sure it was a clean book, but because I am the world's worst parent, I didn't. Also, I believe it is physically impossible to read as fast as my son can, so he read it before me.


I personally didn't care for the storyline of this book, but that is not my beef with this book. This book was FULL of bad language. It had more swearing in it than any other book I have ever read. Not only did it have swearing it was crude. I asked my son about the swearing, and he said he just tried to skip over those parts, and luckily he is too innocent to catch the crude comments.

I think the thing I am most disappointed about with the book is that it was written by a Christian author. I just assumed that it would be clean; I won't make that mistake again.

Now in the book's defense, my son loved the story. It has a lot of battles and some exciting stuff for boys. There was no mushy love scene, nothing girly, just tough young boys saving the world. My son found that part very exciting, and has since come to me and told me how he would like to be a hero.

I think it would have been an exciting book for young boys, but because of the language I would not recommend it.