Uncle Tom's Cabin

I have been trying to work classic books into my reading list and my latest read was, Uncle Tom's Cabin. A friend of mine had read it and highly recommended it. We also had it in our bookcase so I figured it was meant to be. This book is heart wrenching, absolutely heart wrenching. It sickens me when people treat other people like a piece of property. 

The story takes place during the height of slavery in the United States. Uncle Tom is a good and honest man. He has a wife and children and he quite loves his master. His Master becomes short on money and decides to sell Tom and Eliza's son. Eliza works on the same farm with Tom and her son is so adorable that a slave trader knows that he can get a lot of money for him. Eliza accidentally overhears her Master tell the Mrs. that his hand has been forced and he has to sell those two to cover his debts. As you can manage, Eliza is beside herself and doesn't quite know what to do save her son. 

The story mainly follows Eliza and her escape with her son and Tom, who ends up being sold onto a plantation down south.

The story is easy to follow, but the speech was often hard to understand. When any slave spoke they spoke in very broken english and at times I struggled to know exactly what was going on. Also, if you are going to have your child read it, you will need to make sure they are mature enough to read the "N" word throughout the whole book.

One of the interesting aspects of this book was that it talked about some people who thought slavery was wrong, but still owned them. The man who purchased Tom thought slavery was terrible, but nonetheless he had slaves. He justified that he did it to give them a better life and to be able to take care of them. Tom said he would still rather be a poor, free man than a slave with a cushy life.

I really enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to adults or mature kids. A few of my kids tried to read it and had a hard time following the story. However, some of their friends read it and enjoyed it. Also, you can download the book for free on Amazon.