Growing Up Duggar

My older kids each read a different book that helps them develop character. I had my daughter read, Growing Up Duggar. I know who the family the Duggars are, but I honestly have never watched their show. My friend is a die hard Duggar fan. She took a road trip and she was hoping somehow they would run into them and become best friends. Any who, she highly recommended this book.

My daughter, who is 11, read this book and really liked it. I don't think she let anything sink in because she continually makes her siblings cry on a daily basis. I'm not trying to be funny, she really does. She is seeing if she can go more than two days without making anyone cry. So far, she hasn't been able to reach her goal. Apparently, I need her to read this book again.

I think there are a lot of good things you can take from this book. It delves into appropriate ways to have relationships with yourself, your family, people in your community, and God. One of things that I really did like about this book was their section on dating. They recommend getting to know someone's character. Instead of just always going out on a date, where the both of you can be on your best behavior, have opportunities to see how they handle real life situations. If they are at your house and a younger sibling spills on your date, does your date freak out? Or, is he calm and patient? 

I also thought this book was a little cheesy. To me, these girls are looking at the world with rose colored goggles. They have had a pretty good life, not perfect, but a reasonably good life. I think they are naive to suggest that if you just pray really hard, everything will work out. They are out trying to talk to girls who have been abused and/or have had horrible upbringings. It's like trying to take diet advice from someone who has never had to diet, and I had hard time believing what they were selling. 

I know, I'm cynical. I'm working on that. Just kidding, I'm totally not. 

So, overall I would recommend this book. Just know that I found it a tad cheesy.