Big Life Journal

Not too long ago I read the Mindset. I really enjoyed the book and I was trying to teach the idea to my kids as much as possible. I was very excited when I found a book for kids to teach them how to have a growth mindset.

It’s called Big Life Journal. It is designed for younger kids and their “journal buddy”. You go through 13 different topics over 26 weeks. Some of the ideas are: dream big, believe in yourself, and failure is learning. You take two weeks for each topic.

We have been using the journal for a little over a month now and LOVE it! It asks your kid questions that really make them think. Who is someone you can help? How did you feel when you helped someone? Name something that you would want to invent and how would it help the world?

The book is colorful and has poems and stories throughout. My kids really like it and remind me to do the book with them if I forget. I would suggest that the book is best for kids 6-12 years old. Next year they are coming out with a journal for teens and adults.