This was a fantastic book! Both my sons and daughters really enjoyed this book.

Hatchet is the story of Brian Robeson. His parents recently divorced and he is traveling to Canada to spend some time with his father. He is in a small plane traveling over Canada when the plane crashes in the wilderness of Canada. He barely escapes from the plane with only his hatchet.

The story is absolutely fantastic as Brian tries to figure out how to survive in the wilderness. He has to figure out his shelter, how to get food, and especially figuring out the wild animals in the forest.

The only thing we didn't like about this book was that the ending was too quick. The author spent so much time going into his survival and the change that took place within Brian; then quickly it was all wrapped up and the book was over. My kids and I would have loved a longer ending.

I have a child who is darn near impossible to please, especially when it comes to reading aloud, and he absolutely loved the book. If you knew how difficult my young friend can be to please you would understand what a great endorsement that is for the book.

My favorite thing about this book was that my nine year old daughter found her own hatchet out in the yard and recreated parts of the book. Thank goodness I just happened to have random hatchets just lying around in the yard. :)