How Green Was My Valley

My husband will often give suggestions for books for the the kids or me to read. We were looking for a good literature book and he highly recommended, How Green Was My Valley. I do my best to pre read as many books as possible, but it isn't always feasible. So my oldest two boys read this book before I had a chance to dive in.

Whatever the kids are reading they have to narrate it back to me. When my oldest read the book I honestly don't remember ANY of his narrations. I was super pregnant at the time so I'm going to blame it on that. My second son read the book this summer for his literature. He had a really hard time in the beginning of figuring out the book. The characters speak in broken Welsh. Once he figured out their speech he was able to get more into the book. I actually didn't have him narrate the ending to me because I hate having books spoiled.

I just finished reading this book a few days ago and it is amazing!!! The broken Welsh does take a few pages to grasp, but as soon as you do, you will completely love how they are speaking. This book is based in Wales. It is centered around the Morgan family. Their youngest son, Huw, is narrating the book.

The Morgan family lives in a mining community. The book is really just telling about their life. The struggles and the beauty that comes with family. I think what I love about the book so much is the way the author writes. He does such an amazing job at describing the beauty of the valley or how someone feels about another person.

I love the Morgan family. Is it weird to love a fictional family? They always have an open door and always have tea ready for anyone coming by. They truly care about others and it is described so beautifully. The way the author writes is completely intoxicating. I love it.

My husband and I were discussing the book last night and we were both in awe of it. The more we spoke of the book the more our sons, who read it, understood. We looked like a bunch of nerds gushing over the book.

Alright, here is the parental advisory. There is a little bit of language throughout the book. A few crude words and a little bit of swearing. I obviously let my teenagers read it, and I will let my other kids read it too when they're old enough. 

There was also a love scene, but it's not told in a sexual way. It was told in metaphors and my boys had no idea that it was in there. I actually wasn't sure myself, but it alluded to it later in the book, so eventually I figured it out. :)

This book is definitely a more mature book. I would highly recommend it for mature teens and adults.