The Family Under The Bridge

I have an awesome homeschool friend who has a gift for finding great books. If she recommends a book, I just buy it. (I have a book buying problem) Anyway, she told me that her own children have struggled to fall in love with reading, so she has to be careful to select only good books.

Last year she suggested The Family Under the Bridge by Natalie Savage Carlson. I read it to my oldest son, last Christmas time, for our Read and Feed. This year I’m reading it to my four younger kids. I started it last week, and I got the the usual moans and groans about sitting and listening to me read, but when I finished the first chapter every single one of them begged me to keep reading. Total mom win!

The story is set in Paris around Christmas time and is about an old homeless man named Armand. He enjoys his solitary life. He begs and does some work for money and food, but really enjoys his carefree life. One day Armand comes upon three children and their mother. He tries to ignore them, but soon finds himself caring for the family and sharing his home under the bridge.

The book is only 128 pages and has some illustrations splashed throughout. It’s an easy and lighthearted read, with a good message. I would highly recommend it! Great for all ages.

Under the Bridge.jpg