Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

I just finished reading Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm by Kate Douglass Wiggin to my girls and I loved it! The book was written in 1903, so some of the language was a bit outdated, but the story is still easy to follow. And I do the best/worst accents ever, so it’s hard to not fall in love with it when you hear me read it. :)

My girls were hesitant to read this book with me, so it took us a little longer to read it than it usually does. My girls would want me to talk to them before bed, instead of read, but every time I read they really liked it.

The story is about Rebecca Randall who lives at Sunnybrook Farm. Rebecca has two aunts, Miranda and Jane, that she is sent to live with. Aunt Miranda is not very kind to Rebecca; she had wanted her older sister Hannah to come, but her mother needed her more back at the farm.

Miranda goes out of her way to be unkind to Rebecca, but she is such a light that wherever she goes that the people of Riverboro fall in love with her. As you read the story you will easily fall in love with her too.

The book was so well loved that it was turned into a play and into a film.

I really enjoyed the book and I would recommend it!