Power Hour

I was with some friends a while ago and they were telling me about quiet time. How there is a set time in the day where everyone is quiet. I think the idea of this is awesome, but the probability of it actually happening, I thought was low.

My house is crazy loud. I'm loud, my kids are loud, and my husband is loud. We then all try to talk louder than the other person so we can be heard. It is often ridiculous. 

I had nothing to lose, so I figured I would try quiet time. 

Day 1

I inform the monkeys that we are going to be having quiet time. There is crying, there is complaining, but after everyone has finally relaxed there is silence!! For 60 whole minutes there was beautiful, golden, no one talking, silence! It was awesome. Immediately after the 60 minutes there was pestering. Oh, but that golden hour was so worth it!

Day 2

No one cries. Wahoo! We are already progressing. I inform everyone that it is quiet time. I set out snacks on the table, they come to the table, eat, and do their school work. It was glorious. This time when the timer beeped no one pestered anyone else. Awesome.

Day 3

No one complains, cries, rolls their eyes, or even moans. We have victory!! They all came around the table, ate their snacks, and did their school work. 

We will be continuing with our hour of silence. We only do it Monday-Thursday and then they can be loud mouth schmucks the rest of the time. Another bonus from quiet time is that the kids actually got their school work done!! Hallelujah! Kids who were taking well into the afternoon to finish could now finish before lunch, or even shortly there after.

Also, during quiet time I can work with each kid one on one, in another room, and have no distractions. I love one on one time with my kids. They are my favorite weirdos.

Lastly, you may be thinking, "Hippie Mama, how in the world are you getting your kids to be quiet?" Well, I'm glad you asked. Duct tape is always an option, but I don't want anyone to run away, or call the cops. So we have natural consequences. If you're not quiet, you do not receive any snacks. And for some reason the all mighty snack is a pretty powerful bargaining tool. If that doesn't work for your kid, then let them know that they will lose a privilege that means something to them, such as, playing with friends, reading non-school books, and etc. 

Also, I changed the name to Power Hour, so it sounds super cool. Ask my friends, I'm great at making up names for things. Seriously, changing it to Power Hour has helped them think of the time as getting work done, instead of boring, quiet time. 

We have been doing this for a few weeks now and it is going well. Everyone knows what to expect, and everyone is quiet, even my wild four year old.

Best of luck to anyone else crazy enough to try this. I hope you also enjoy your glorious 60 minutes of heaven!