Teaching Preschoolers How to Read

When I started homeschooling, all those years ago, one of the things that scared me the most was teaching my kids how to read. I know that probably sounds silly, but I was terrified that I would completely mess up and I would have these weird homeschool kids who couldn't read.

With each kid there have been different challenges. My oldest, who went to preschool and Kindergarten, couldn't actually read. When we started homeschooling I had to completely start over with the basics for him. We had to play games and make it fun. It took some patience and creativity, but eventually he became a really good reader.

My next three kids taught themselves. These ones trick you, thinking that you're amazing, when in reality, they're amazing.

My next kid could memorize very quickly. She could easily memorize all the little books, so I had to just take random words and really teach her how to sound them out. Once she figured out how to sound our words her reading really took off.

Now, I'm on my last kid. It is a bitter sweet thing to teach the last one to read. I'm including a few videos of how I teach little ones how to read. The biggest advice I have is to RELAX!! Don't think they need to be on any specific level on reading. Make it fun and enjoyable, and the love of reading will naturally come when they're ready.

I had to make two videos because my little monkey knew his first book too well. The second video shows how I teach him to sound out words. He enjoys reading and always wants to do more, so I do more. Some of my other kids could only handle one new page at times. I am very flexible and go with the mood of each kid.