Battle of the Brains

I think that if you give anything a clever name it automatically becomes awesome. I'm sure there is some research done on that subject to back me up, but for now you will just have to take my word for it.

Several years ago I came up with The Battle of the Brains. It is a major battle we have at the end of every term. I quiz them on all the new things we learned over the term, and some years I have even thrown in some physical challenges, just to make it more interesting. At the very end of our battle the winner is awarded a beautiful bouquet of flowers and bragging rights.

Our first event this term was geography. We had been learning all the states in the US. They were given a blank map and had to fill in all the states.

One of my kids actually got all 50 correct, I was impressed. 

Second event was translating Greek into English and breaking down word root origins. I realize both of these things make us seem super nerdy, but I'm totally ok with that.

The third event was math. They were timed with how fast they could do some multiplication problems.

The final event was a huge quiz. It covered what we had learned in Shakespeare, our artist, our composer, our poet, lakes and oceans, and basically anything else I wanted to throw in there. This was definitely the hardest part.

I then sent all the kids outside while I totaled up all the scores. Once the scores were totaled I called them all in for an award ceremony.

My Porter has been the champion for years, but this year he lost his title to his little brother, Joshua. 

Joshua got all the states correct and all of the Greek translations correct. He ended up missing one in math, but he had such a huge lead that no one could catch up to him.

Who wouldn't want to win this bouquet?!? 

After the winner has been gifted the grand prize we have a pizza party. Here is the catch, only kids who finished all their books are invited to come. Luckily, all the monkeys finished because it is super awkward when one of them doesn't.

Can you believe how much pizza they eat? Seriously, my kids are pigs. They went through four boxes like it was nothing. It is honestly quite impressive if I wasn't the one who was paying for it.