Summer School

One of my little darlings looked lovingly at me this morning and sweetly complained about how she did not want to do any school in the summer. I kindly gazed into her eyes and rolled mine. We usually do school throughout the summer, but this particular child is having a hard time right now not being like everyone else and she REALLY does not want to do school this summer.

Because of her general grumpiness about the whole summer school shenanigans we ended up having a great discussion. What would happen if dad decided not to work at all during the summer? He would not make money, we wouldn't have food, clothing, and eventually a house. What happens if you decide to not take care of your health and body all summer? You will gain weight, be uncomfortable, and possible health problems. We continued on with several discussions until I finally said, "What would happen if we didn't learn all throughout the summer?" She seemed to understand why I ask them do some learning throughout the summer, but we may need to have this discussion a few more times to really let it sink in.

With that being said, I don't want to overload them, or me. We have a very simple schedule and I wanted to share it with you. We only do school Monday-Thursday and as soon as they are done they are welcome to go and be wild and free. They still have to get up, eat breakfast, and get their chores done by a certain time if they want the privilege of playing with friends.

Everyday my kids need to do their math, read their scriptures, and practice piano. They all have a history book or a biography to read and a classic. I let them pick which classic they wanted to read. Yes, my son really did pick Odyssey. 

For my two oldest, who are 14 and 13, I gave them a little extra because they know what they really like. Ethan, wants to be a writer. He reads like a mad man and has been working on several books. He loves reading about how to be a writer. Porter loves economics and finances. I find it funny that my big guitarist who loves rock music is really, really into that stuff.  He also is doing a program through Praxis about being an entrepreneur. 

A very rough idea of our daily schedule goes something like this: 

Eat breakfast by 8:30, have all chores done by 8:45, read scriptures as a family, then everyone goes and works on their own stuff, while I take each kid in with me for about 5 minutes for, Minute with Mom, where I check their work from the day before. We eat lunch around noon. Then they can play with friends, be wild and free, or we go swimming. 

If a friend invites them to go somewhere early in the morning then they know that they have to get their school done the night before.