I think learning about geography is fun. I have high hopes that if I continue to teach my kids about geography my husband will one day take us to all the places we have learned about. I've even gone as far to start teaching the kids languages of places I want to visit. I think I'm wearing him down.

Any who, because I don't have a million dollars and I'm not willing to start selling my organs for cash we have to learn about geography in a different way. 

If you didn't know already, I like to do things in a more creative/unique way and geography is no exception. I'm a big fan of learning things through songs. I know some pretty random stuff because I know them in a song. Many years ago my sister in law showed me a great book called, Singin' Smart. It has a bunch of awesome stuff put to music. It has all the presidents of the US, explorers, days of the week, states, countries, and a whole lot more. 

During a term I pick an area of study. I print off a map that has all the names of the countries or states. We sing along while looking at our map for about a month. Then, I give them an empty map and they work on filling it in as we sing. 

My daughter was willing to make this video with me so she could sing the song with me. Thank heavens she did!! Her voice is amazing! I sound like a poor animal dying.