Books for Term 2

This is going to be a lot of information thrown your way today. We just wrapped up our first term for the school year; we always take a full week off after the term. It’s great for them to get a break and it gives me ample time to make sure we’re ready for the new term. 

I thought it might be helpful if I show what each of my kids will be studying. If I’ve read the book before, or one of my kids have, then I will add notes to let you know how we liked it. Most of the books just have the title listed, let me know if you want more information about any of the books.

One of the things that worked really well last term was letting them pick their books. They picked what time period in history they want to study and what book for each of their subjects to read, within reason. It was the first time that Joshua finished his books super fast. Normally, he is trying to finish all his books the last week of the term so he can come to my pizza party. I also felt that there wasn’t very much complaining over their books.

Ethan-10th grade

History-Will and Ariel Durant- Life of Greece-Very advanced series, great books

Character-Mindset-Amazing book!!

Literature-Tale of Two Cities

Government-World War I: The Rest of the Story and How it Affects You Today-I love this series!!

Writing-Wired for Story

Religion-Church History-Ethan thinks this series is very dry, but he wants to finish all the books

Scriptures-Book of Mormon-Best book ever!

GED Study

Driver’s Ed Study


Personal Development Time-20 minutes to do anything you’re interested in


Porter-9th grade

History-The Killer Angels

Biography-Stone Wall Jackson Book of Maxims

Character-Robert E Lee on Leadership

Economics-Lessons for the Young Economist-He has loved this book!

Government-World War II: The Rest of the Story and How it Affects You Today-Great series

Literature-Animal Farm-My husband really likes this one

Religion-Inifinite Atonement-Great book, but for a more mature reader

Scriptures-Book of Mormon-Best book!


Personal Development Time

*Also reads a science book for our co-op


Bella-8th grade

History-The Magna Charta

Biography-Joan of Arc by Mark Twain-Excellent book!

Literature-Robin Hood

Character-Essentialism-Fabulous book

Government-Ancient Rome How It Affects You Today-Great series!

Scriptures-Book of Mormon-Best book!

Religion-Preach My Gospel-Great book!



Personal Development Time

*Also reads a science book for our co-op


Joshua-5th grade

History-Tales of Ancient Egypt-Great book if you like mythology

Biography-Cleopatra-Very interesting book

Literature-My Side of the Mountain

Scriptures-New Testament-Great book

Scientist-Tesla-It reads a bit like a text book, but very interesting

Government-Tuttle Twins Creature From Jekyll Island-Great book




Tess-4th grade

History-Door in the Wall-I liked it, my kids have mixed reviews

Biography-Brother Andrew-Fantastic book

Literature-Anne of Green Gables-She loves these books

Scriptures-Book of Mormon

Science-Animal Books for Kids



My first grader and I read a lot of his books together. He doesn’t have to read every book every day, so here is a really basic idea of his schedule.

Brigham-1st grade

Literature-McGuffey Readers-These are very old and I actually think they’re hilarious because of some of the things they talk about

Scriptures-Scripture picture books-Great introduction to the scriptures

Science-Burgess Book of Birds-We’ve really liked this one


Explode the Code


We also meet together every morning and study some group stuff. I will share those in another post. Great job if you made it all the way through this very lengthy post! I feel like I should have a prize for you, but I don't. It's ok, my prizes are fairly lame. I usually give high fives or hugs. 

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