Picture Study

We divide our school into 12 week terms. Each term we study a different artist. I have some favorite supplies when it comes to learning about our artist. We study our artist just once a week.

First, I like to warm the kids up with a fun book about the artist. I have loved the books, Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artist. I will read it our very first week. 

Second, I love the picture guides from Simply Charlotte Mason. They have a little biography about the artist and several beautiful prints. They also teach you how to do picture study, which is great for inept folks like myself. I will show a new picture about every other week and I take about four weeks to get through their biography.

Finally, I found an amazing book called Living Biographies of Great Painters. I will finish out the term with this little gem. It has some great stories about the artist.

At the end of the term when we have our Battle of the Brains, the kids will have to try to draw one of the pictures that we studied. They aren't judged on talent, but on ability to remember all the details. My favorite picture was when my son, who wasn't blessed with much artistic talent, drew Whistler's Mother. It was so terrible that it was awesome. I should have kept it and framed it because of how bad it was. We all had a good laugh, but in his defense, he remembered a lot of details and even won that event. 

picture Study.jpg