Poetry and Tea Time

Every week we read poetry. In my mind it was going to be this beautiful scene where my darlings nestled in by me as I read lovely poetry. We’d sip our pretend tea and laugh and cry at the inspiring words. However, that is not what my kids want to do when we read. My girls might cuddle up to me, but we are sorely outnumbered by boys, and the boys would prefer to wrestle and talk about farts. 

I have found some helpful ways to trick, I mean, "inspire" them, to come and sit down for tea and poetry time. First, we have a legit, old tea set; I was able to find one for free! Second, since we don’t actually drink tea I let them pick any Kool-Aid flavor for our beverage; on cold days we have hot chocolate. Third, I literally sweeten the deal with some homemade delicacies. I make most of our treats out of almond flour and honey, and they are ridiculously delicious. And lastly, if they don’t sit quietly (within reason) I keep reading more poems. That probably sounds bad, but it is always done in fun. Of course when we finish reading a poem we all snap, because that’s how cool kids applaud poetry. 

My husband already had an impressive poetry collection. I have used his books at times, but I also want to know a little more about the poet and poem without having to put forth a lot of effort. That’s super lazy of me, but also very true. I found a great series called Poetry For Young People. They tell a little bit about the poet and some of the poems have explanations. 

My kids love our poetry and tea time. They don’t always love listening to the poetry, but they love my terrible British accent, our “tea”, and the treat. I have high hopes that someday the poetry will mean a little more to them, but for now I’m content to just have fun.