Homeschool and Newborns

Ah, homeschooling when you have a brand new baby. That sounds ridiculous, and to be honest, it kind of is.  There is a quote from Shakespeare that I love, "Expectation is the root of all heartache." Too true. I had high expectations that because I'm a seasoned mom and seasoned homeschooler everything would be so easy. But new baby made sure to spice up our lives and make things really exciting.

We did school all the way up to the birth of the baby, and all the kids watched the birth, so that counted for science for at least a couple of weeks. :) We took the full week off right after baby came, but they were all acting so bored that by the second week we started doing school again.

Our school became very different after baby. If I wasn't completely exhausted I would read aloud to the kids and then meet with them individually for their "Minute with Mom". If I was completely passed out on the couch with baby they would do school on their own and then play outside so they wouldn't wake me. 

Now that the baby is two months old we are getting into a better routine of school again. Thankfully, it is summer and we have a much lighter load. The kids are only required to do math, scriptures, and literature. 

We started homeschooling when baby number five was six months old. My oldest was only six so we didn't need to do much. We'd read, play some games, and write our letters. Pretty simple. When I had baby number six I let my kids watch educational shows like Magic School Bus. We took a longer break from school with that baby, but they get bored when we take too big of a break.

So, basically what I'm saying is there is no right way to homeschool with a newborn. There are so many unknowns that you just have to do your best. Somedays you actually teach, somedays the TV teaches, but eventually babies start sleeping and everything works out.