Homeschooling Through Junior High and High School

A while back I was asked for ideas on homeschooling through Junior High. I feel like, at least for me, that when something is unknown it can feel intimidating. I too, was worried about how to homeschool my children when they got to Junior High, but as we have now done it for the last three years I realized that there was nothing scary about it.

When thinking about how to homeschool through Junior High and High School the first question you need to ask yourself, and your kid, is what is your plan? Do you want to graduate from High School? Do you want to skip it all and just start with college classes? Do you want to get your GED? Do you want to go to a trade school? Once you know the answer to that question it's much easier to pick your plan.

My three oldest have opted to get their GED. Their school schedule is pretty much the same as before, but it includes time to study for their GED. The fun thing about their schedule is that it also includes subjects that they are really interested in. My second boy loves economics and finance, so his schedule includes books on those subjects. Just reading that previous sentence screams, my kid is homeschooled. Seriously, what 14 year old reads economics for fun? Also, my boys have time allotted each day for personal development. My oldest boy loves writing, so that would be a great time for him to work on his book. 

A friend of mine has her two kids enrolled in Junior High with a path of not graduating. That way they can take the fun classes at school and do the rest at home. Some of the classes they take are: theater, wood work, and orchestra.

Other friends of mine have their kids in a special charter school for homeschoolers. They only go to the school twice a week and do the rest at home. When they graduate from High School they will also graduate with their Associates.

And my last example is my friend with a daughter who is an incredibly talented painter. She plans on getting her GED and then attend art school.

There really isn't a wrong way to do it. To me, it is more important to instill a love for learning than it is to teach my kids to pass a test. Also, in a world that seems to just keep getting busier I am so grateful that I get to have so much quality time with my kids, especially my teenagers.

I asked my kids what their thoughts were on being homeschooled through Junior High and if they felt like they were missing out on the social scene of school. They don't feel like they're missing out on anything. Sure, they have days where they get a little bored, but overall they're quite content. They said they have plenty of time to hang out with friends through co-ops, church activities, seminary, and because they don't have homework in the afternoons they have plenty of time once they finish their school work.