I Am Too Afraid...

Through the years I have had moms come to me letting me know that they want to homeschool their kids. They pick my brain on schedule, curriculum, running the house and so on. I get so excited for this mama and her family, only to find out that in the end she is too scared to homeschool.

I get it. Ten years ago I had the strongest feeling that I was supposed to homeschool my babies. At the time I had five kids and my oldest was only six. Some people were supportive, but the majority was not. I was told how hard it would be, how it would be impossible to homeschool so many kids especially with a baby, I don't have a teaching degree and other little tidbits of negative thoughts. 

I panicked. You're right. I'm completely inadequate to teach my own kids. Who do I think I am? So I stuck my kids in school, for a month. A month of hell. I had a first grader, kindergartener, pre-schooler, and two babies. I was driving non-stop, volunteering at the school, and doing homework at nights. I had to do all of this with my two littles in tow. I'm actually glad it was so awful because it gave me the courage to pull my kids out of school.

When I pulled my kids out I had no idea what I was doing. Absolutely no idea! So, we painted pictures and read stories while I started researching homeschool. Here is the best part, nobody died and nothing awful happened. It was quite the opposite, I grew, they grew, and we grew closer together as a family. 

It is easy to look at someone who has homeschooled for years and compare yourself to them. They make it look so easy and fun. The truth is that it took a lot of work to get there; a lot of praying, studying, and many, many mistakes. 

So how does one get past the fear and find the courage to homeschool or -insert whatever you're too afraid to do here-?

First, let's look at the circumstance: I want to homeschool my kids (or whatever it is you want to do)

Second, what's your thought about it? Do you think it will be too hard, that you won't know what you're doing, or that you're going to mess up your kids and they'll end up living in the sewers?

Third, when you believe that thought how do you feel? Scared, anxious, stressed, nervous.

Fourth, what action do you take when you feel that way? When you panic and believe that you can't do it, well then you better put them back into school.

Fifth, the result. This could be a plethora of things. Depending what your reason was for wanting to homeschool in the first place. You could still have to drive to and from school everyday, not enough family time, too much homework, and so on.

Let's switch this all around and give it a more positive spin.

Circumstance-I want to homeschool my kids.

Thought- I can do this. I have taught my kids to walk, talk, eat, and a whole lot of other things. I am confident I can teach them.

Feeling-Excited for the adventure and at peace that I won't be on someone else's schedule.

Action-Spend time with your kids. Make memories and have fun growing together.

Result-You get to spend quality time with your family and have strong relationships.

Now the circumstance is the same in both scenarios, the only difference is your thoughts. My little nephew said it best when he said, "Whether you think you can or can't, you're right."