Math Worksheets-Subtracting With Regrouping

When you’re starting to homeschool it is easy to spend money all the new fancy books, curriculums, and supplies. I’m completely guilty of this. When I started I paid over $200 for the WORST grammar program on the planet! It was awful. You had to watch a long, horrible video everyday of the dullest teacher ever to be able to know what to teach the next day. I dreaded watching it every time.

Although it was a terrible program it taught me that just because something costs a lot doesn’t make it better than something that is inexpensive or even free. When my kids are starting to learn math I found that it saves us a lot of money to not invest in a math book until they have their basic math skills down.

And if I have learned anything with homeschooling it is to try to make everything more fun. There’s no doubt that kayaking is fun, so why can’t subtraction practice be fun as well? Combine the two with this kayaking themed worksheet and answers from When you’re done, find more ways to practice subtraction here.

I personally learn better if I can watch someone else doing something, so I made this video of how I teach subtracting with regrouping. The weirder I am, the better my kids do. I’m sure that is one of Newton’s Laws.