Five Ways To Homeschool With A Toddler

Last year, when Master George was a newborn, I wrote a post about homeschooling with a newborn. Now that he is older, and much more destructive, I figured I needed a follow up post about homeschooling with a toddler.

To be honest, I’m not much of a baby person. I think they’re cute, but also a little boring. I really like toddlers. Yes, they can be tiring and rip things up, but you also can play with them, and I love the weird things they do. With that being said, toddlers can also be the most challenging when it comes to homeschool, and as homeschool pro, here are five ideas to help you keep your sanity, and keep homeschooling even with a toddler running around.

1. Rotate the toddler through the other kids as part of their school. I have had some wild toddlers and this is one that works really well. My current guy is usually just content to hang around us, but today he found sister’s mascara and painted himself, so on days like this I have one of the kids take Master outside and play with him until I am done. When Brigham was a toddler he was C-R-A-Z-Y! We had a daily rotation because he needed to monitored so much more. 

2. Have activities ready for your toddler. Some ideas are blocks, magnets, and if they’re not too wild, coloring book and crayons. And because I am spoiling my bonus baby I also have a bike in the house and a little plastic slide.

3. Have “school” stuff for your toddler. All my littles have wanted to be included with school, so I always make sure that I give them a notebook, or if I have a printout that I have one for my toddler too. No one likes to be left out.

4. Adjust your schedule. Does your toddler take a big afternoon nap? Then why not do your school in the afternoon? Having flexibility is one of my favorite things about homeschool.

5. Relax. If your toddler is sick, cutting teeth, or having a melt down because they just want mom, try cutting your schedule down for the day. Decide what’s the most important. Is it scripture study or real aloud? Do what the most important stuff is and let the other things be skipped for the day. I have my kids do as much as their school on their own as they can, so when Master is having a rough day I can do scripture study and read aloud and then just have them finish everything else on their own. One of the reasons we do school through the summer is so when hard days pop up my kids don’t get behind.

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