Linking Verb Match

Did you know there are four different types of verbs? Action, linking, state of being, and helping. For me, action verbs are the easiest to find in a sentence, but how in the world do you help your kid learn what a linking verb is?

I always like to use games to help teach a concept. My kids are usually excited to play, and when they are happy and having fun they are more likely to remember what I’m trying to teach them.

Linking Verb Match.png

A linking verb is a verb that links a subject with the predicate without expressing action. Or, you could say it links the subject with more information about the subject. There are many linking verbs, but some of the common ones are: am, is, are, was, were, be, being, been. To use it in a sentence you could say, “She is beautiful.” The is linked she with beautiful.

In my Linking Verb Match I have subjects, linking verbs, and predicates on different cards. You simply turn over one of each and try to make a complete sentence. I printed mine on different colored paper, so it would be easier to keep them separated. If you want to just print yours on white paper I put little shapes on the different categories so you can keep them in the right order.

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