Christmas World Scramble

I have a love hate relationship with technology. I love the ability to look anything up instantaneously, navigate with maps, and I even like being able to see what is going on in other peoples’ lives with social media. However, one of the things I don’t like about technology is when kids just get handed devices whenever they are bored or having a meltdown.

My husband, bless his heart, doesn’t feel the same way I do, and he enjoys playing some games with the kids on his phone. One of the games is Wordscapes. It’s a game where there are some scrambled letters and you have to find as many words as possible. Once you’ve found all the words you advance to the next level.


I knew my kids liked playing the game, but I had no idea how much it was going to help their spelling. My cute little seven year old’s spelling has increased so much from the little that he plays the game.

I was impressed, but I also didn’t want my kids to be on screens too much, so I created my own version of the game and called it Christmas Word Scramble.

I loved the look on my little Brigham’s face when he saw that I had printed these for him, and he’s already completed a few pages. These pages are really fun for your own homeschool, or if you have any class parties to go to these would be a great idea.

You can download the game here:

Christmas Word Scramble.png