Making Memories With Mother Goose

We started our new term last week. To be completely honest, I wasn’t quite prepared on Monday. I had written down what everybody would be reading, and what we would be studying as a group, but I hadn’t purchased anything. Luckily, I was able to pull a lot of the books from my own library, but there were still a few holes.

One of the holes was our poetry book. Poetry has become one of the things the little monkeys really look forward to each week, to read more about how we do poetry just go HERE. I have really enjoyed using Poetry for Young People and as an added bonus they are really affordable.

I figured that because I hadn’t actually ordered something and my monkeys were already getting the tea set out that I would just use something that we already own. Have I mentioned I have a book buying problem? Anyway, I started scouring the bookcase for a poet we haven’t studied before when I found our awesome book of The Original Mother Goose.

I thought it might be kind of fun to mix things up, and I was right, we are having a blast! There are a lot of the classic nursery rhymes in the book, but there are also some that I have never heard of that are a little bizarre and they make us laugh so hard. Two of our favorites are:

Needles and pins, needles and pins,

When a man marries his trouble begins.


Dear, dear! what can the matter be?

Two old women got up in an apple-tree;

One came down, and the other stayed till Saturday.

Seriously?!? We laugh so hard when we read those. We have also studied the origins of some of the most famous nursery rhymes. You can read some of those HERE. I love the memories we are creating by laughing and having “tea”.

Mother Goose.png