Battle of the Brains

This is the best day of our term, Battle of the Brains!! The monkeys compete in different events to see who gets to be the keeper of the flowers. This term we competed in the following events: art, dictation, memorization, geography, fitness, math, vocabulary, and science. 

I gave points for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each event. 1st place got three points, 2nd place got two points and third place got one point. Every term I do it a little different. Below the video I'll go into more detail of what I did for each event.

Bella was our big winner for this term and the new keeper of the flowers!! 

We also always have a pizza party after the competition. You're only invited to my pizza party if you have finished all your books for the term. We have had some terms where someone hasn't finished and it's always a little sad, but luckily all my monkeys finished their books this term and got to come. 

Art-They each got to study a picture, from the artist we studied this term, for three minutes and then they had five minutes to put in as much detail as possible into their picture. They're not judged on artistic ability, but how much they were able to pay attention to the details of the painting.

Dictation-I wrote down one stanza from a poem we studied this term. They had a few minutes to review the punctuation and spelling. I then take away the poem and dictate it to them. Whomever had the least errors won the event.

Memorization-We have been working on memorizing The Living Christ. I took each kid, one by one, into another room and had them recite as much of the poem as they could remember. As soon as they made a mistake their try was up. The winner who was whomever was able to recite the most from memory.

Geography-We have been studying about different explorers. They had to chart out where the explorers were from and where they went. The winner had the most accurate chart.

Fitness-This was super fun; we saw who could hold plank the longest. My little six year old won by holding plank for almost three minutes. I should clarify that it was super fun to watch, probably not as much fun to do. :)

 Math-We played two different math games. One was a matching game for multiplication problems and the other one was a subtraction game.

Vocabulary-We study 10 different vocabulary words each term. They had to use all 10 words correctly in a short story. They were judged on punctuation, correct use of grammar, and using their vocabulary word correctly in a sentence.

Science-This is our only event that's always the same. I have created questions from every science book we've ever studied. We use an old Sorry board game and they have to answer their question right to progress. The first one into home, wins.