Science For Younger Kids

As my kids get older they do more and more of their subjects on their own. They enjoy studying what they’re interested in and also the independence. However, that doesn’t quite work for my seven year old. He likes the idea of being independent, but I still need to do most of his subjects with him.

When I was looking for something to do with science I knew it would need to be hands on, but I also didn’t want to have to make a huge mess every time we did science. I found a cute book about bugs. We just read a page or two and then I thought we could go on a walk when the weather gets warmer and try to find the bugs.


He really likes the bug book, but I was having a hard time trying to get out and go bug exploring with him. So instead of going outside to look for bug we brought the bugs into our home. We  ordered some caterpillars and it was a HUGE hit! I also read to him this great book about butterflies. The pictures are gorgeous and even some of the big kids would sneak in when I would read it to him.

Having the caterpillars in the house was really fun. Even though we had a crazy caterpillar that ate one of the chrysalis. We affectionately called him the cannibal caterpillar. The other ones were given names like: Eaty and Climby, super creative. I wanted to film the butterfly release, but my darlings got a little too excited and did the release while I wasn’t home.

My little guy loved his butterflies and when they would land on the edge of the enclosure he would sit by them, talk to them, and try to pet their feet from the outside. And yes, he isn't wearing a shirt, apparently shirts are for suckers. I'm hopeful that at least he brushed his teeth.