Top Three Reasons I Homeschool Through Summer

I feel that I have been asked a lot lately if we are doing school this summer. Umm, heck yes we are! And of course shirts are optional. :)


One of the reasons that I homeschool is because I’m trying my best to foster a love for learning for my kids and how does one do that if we just don’t do school for three months? Answer, you don’t.

Before you think I’m some big terrible task master, and I’m honestly ok if you do, we do have a simplified summer schedule. We still read scriptures as a family and then the kids only have to do math, read their scriptures, and read their literature. Their literature does have to be a quality book, not some simple story about farts or how the average looking teen girl has the hottest boy in school after her. You know the kind of books I’m talking about; they’re the kind of books I affectionately refer to as garbage blarbage. 

So here are my top three reasons why I homeschool through the summer.

  1. Continued progress-I want to keep the ball rolling with my kids and instead of having to spend September reviewing everything we did from the year before, we get to just keep progressing.
  2. Built in buffer days-Because we homeschool all year it allows for us to take other days off without getting behind. Already this year we went as a family to Arizona to compete in a triathlon and we’ve taken the oldest three on their own trip to New York. It allows us to take days off when life happens like sickness, new baby, or a fun event pops up.     Schooling through the summer allows us to have the independence to take off days throughout the school year.
  3. Keep up with routines-I see other people struggle when their kids when they are home all day in the summer. I wonder if part of that comes from the lack of routine. My kids still have to get up at a certain time, do their chores, and complete their school work every morning. Our afternoons are open for whatever adventure we want to take, as many pool days as possible, and our bed times are a little later, but there is still structure in our life.

My final thought is that I want to give my kids a great life and having them just lie around binge watching TV all summer doesn’t fit what I’m trying create in my home. I only have a few years left with all my monkeys home and I want to do my best to give them the tools of learning and growing independently and for me I believe that creating a culture of constant learning is one of the ways to do just that.