Battle of the Brains

My kids absolutely love Battle of the Brains. The big kids, who do online school now, made sure they were available to participate with us because everyone loves it so much. Battle of the brains is our end of the term party and review. We compete in different events and the winner gets to be the keeper of the flowers. However, one of my darlings lost the flowers, so now they are the keeper of a fake beard.

In order to come to my pizza party after battle of the brains you have to finish all your books for the term. Two of my monkeys almost didn't make it, but they stayed up the night before and hurry and plowed through their last book.

Our events this year were:

Vocabulary-you have to use all the new words we learned this term and write a short paragraph or story using all the words and use them correctly. 

Memorization-see how far you can recite our current memorization.

Fitness-this year we did death by sit ups. Each minute you add another rep, so minute one, one sit up, minute two, two sit ups, and it goes until you can't fit the correct number of sit ups in the minute. My kids all have six packs now. :)

Art-they have to look at a picture for five minutes and then turn the picture over and draw as much detail as they can. They are not judged on artistic ability, but how much detail they were able to remember.

Dictation-they have five minutes to review a poem and then I dictate the poem to them. You lose a point for every misspelled word or incorrect grammar.

Math-I had printed some simple math worksheets that everyone could do, but to make it more fair the younger you are the more time you get. 

Science-this is our game we made years ago that my monkeys insist on playing every time. It is a science game I made from our old Apologia books. This is their favorite event.

If you take 1st place in an event you receive three points, 2nd place receives two points, and 3rd place receives one point. 

Bella won again this year by one point, so she will be the keeper of the beard until the next battle.

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