Read and Feed

I have decided that I have been blessed with a gift to make up the coolest/worst names for things. I have great things like: Awesome Club, Monday Funday, Thursday Thidy (you read that right), and now my latest and possibly greatest: Read and Feed!

I am always looking for more ways to hang out and connect with my kids and one of the things I wanted to do was read to them at night. However, none of my monkeys thought that this was a good idea. So, how does a girl get what she wants and get her kids excited about it too? Just add food! That’s right, a few times a week I come down to my kids’ bedrooms and read while I let them feed. That makes them sound like little farm animals, probably because it's a little bit true.


Anyway, Read and Feed has been a big hit!

Here are three ways that we’ve made it work: 

  1. My monkeys don’t care what the food is, they just love that I take the time to bring them something. Keep it simple.
  2. Pick books that are at your kids' level. Picture books work great! Even the big kids like them.
  3. Have fun.

That’s it. It doesn’t have to be this big, complicated process. Grab some grub and a book and make some memories with your own monkeys. 

Here are some suggestions for great books for Read and Feed. They work for all ages, but these are geared for 12 and under.

Any of the books from Dianna Aston, such as A Butterfly Is Patient and A Beetle Is Shy. The illustrations are beautiful!


Anything from Shel Silverstein. His poetry is hilarious and his illustrations are awesome. One of my boys’ favorite was Lafcadio, The Lion Who Shot Back. My books have apparently been well loved as they are looking a little sad.


I found this great book at Costco one day, The Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine by Mark Twain and Philip C. Stead. The book was made from 16 pages of notes that Mark Twain had left from a story he would tell his daughters. The story is fun and the illustrations were great.


A book full of puns and math! Where do I sign up?!? Sir Cumference by Cindy Neuschwander was hilarious! 


My seven year old LOVES any Mercer Mayer book. He has loved these books for years!