Welcome video centered here

  • Introduce myself and the program

  • I came from a broken home where there was a lot of abuse

  • I knew this wasn’t the life I wanted and I have cried, prayed, researched, cried some more, prayed a lot more to get put on a path to create the home I’ve always wanted

  • Anyone can do it-just like a weight loss program, you just have to do it

  • People want to start with curriculum-I will show you what I use, but please build your foundation first because curriculum changes

  • You really need to build a foundation first- create a home based on principles

  • Videos are numbered to go in a certain order, but feel free to bounce around as needed

  • Facebook group to ask questions

Video about you have to keep practicing-these are all skills

  • I used to ice-skate, was really good, but I quit ice-skating, so now I’m trash

  • Everything I’m teaching you will work IF you keep practicing

  • Four levels of skill

  • You’ve got this!