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My name is Meg, AKA The Hippie Mama. I am married to the best guy ever and I am lucky enough to call these seven monkeys mine. Iā€™m a veteran homeschooling mama and a lover of all things natural. I love running, Cross Fit, and playing with my family.

I am a Life Coach who specializes in helping homeschooling mamas. For lack of a more eloquent phrase I want to help moms kick some serious butt. I truly believe that anyone can homeschool. The biggest factor in being successful as a homeschool mama is having a strong foundation and a happy, healthy mom. Through coaching I help you to build that strong foundation so you too can rock it in your own homeschool. I also love guiding people how to have a happier marriage, a better relationship with their kids, and just generally how to be awesome and to show up as your best self.